Z. Banu Gürün

Regression Expert, Shamanic Practitioner, and Transformational Guide

About Z. Banu Gürün

Z. Banu Gürün was born in 1967 as the eldest of three children in a large family. From an early age, Banu developed a keen sense of observation and a deep interest in understanding the subtle complexities of human relationships and communication. This curiosity led her on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation, which ultimately became her life’s purpose.

Banu’s academic background includes successful graduation from prestigious institutions such as Notre Dame De Sion, Boğaziçi University, and San Francisco State University. Her professional career spanned two decades, working in various roles within the finance, communication, and film industries.

While pursuing her professional career, Banu embarked on a transformative journey in the early 2000s, seeking to find her life’s purpose, know herself, and confidently flow with life’s ever-changing currents. She attended numerous seminars and trainings both in her home country and abroad, delving into topics such as subliminal studies, shamanic practices, energy healing, advanced NLP, Reiki, Rasheeba, psychogenetic causes of diseases, karmic family relationships, Optimum Balance Model (ODM), and Ho’oponopono.

Banu is a regression expert and practitioner of shamanic journeying, having received top-level education in these fields. She is also a professional member of EARTH (Earth Association for Regression Therapy) and a postgraduate of the School of Unicorn Transformational Studies.

At The Multiverse Academy, Banu offers her expertise in regression therapy, shamanic journeying, and transformational healing to individuals seeking to unveil their inner healing powers, transform limiting patterns, and embrace the awareness of Oneness. By guiding clients on their personal journeys of self-discovery, Banu contributes to the creation of a better world based on love, cooperation, and understanding.

Her proficiencies include Regression Therapy, NLP, Shamanic Journeying, Past Life Studies, Dream and Nightmare Analysis, Transforming Uninvited Energies, Obsessions, Abuse and Harassment, Health Issues, Phobias, Inner Child Work, Dementia and Integration, Life and Career Planning, Changing Body-Related Patterns, Accidents and Shocks, Addictions, Ancestral Study, Karmic Relations, Womb Traumas, and Rebirth Experiences.

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