Deborah O’Shea

Creator of MeditationMassage, Transformational Treatment Specialist, and Wellness Educator

About Deborah O’Shea

Deborah O’Shea is a highly experienced and passionate wellness professional, specializing in the creation and teaching of MeditationMassage—a transformational treatment for body and soul. As a designer of therapeutic rituals and sensory botanical formulas, she helps clients achieve lasting change, inner peace, and self-discovery.

With a strong background in spa, wellness, and skincare education, Deborah’s unique blend of skills and techniques allows her to create individualized programs that cater to each client’s needs. Her dedication to personal growth and well-being has led her to work with various wellness and skincare brands, sharing her knowledge and expertise.

At the Multiverse Academy, Deborah offers MeditationMassage classes, combining her deep understanding of meditation and massage techniques to provide clients with a holistic and transformative experience. These classes focus on cultivating a sense of inner calm, physical relaxation, and mental clarity, ultimately empowering individuals to embrace their true selves and embark on their own journey toward transformation.

Deborah’s commitment to helping others makes her a valuable member of the Multiverse Academy team. Her innovative approach and deep understanding of holistic wellness ensure that clients receive the highest level of care and guidance. In addition to her MeditationMassage classes, Deborah is continually developing new offerings and collaborating with other practitioners at the Multiverse Academy to provide a wide range of well-being services.

Join Deborah O’Shea on this journey of self-discovery and transformation by exploring her offerings at the Multiverse Academy and booking a session today.

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