Colour PsychoDynamics Profiling

With Colour PsychoDynamics Profiling let's find your unique blueprint for creating and living a life you love.

When you know your Colour Profile, you'll understand YOU!

You’ll finally feel at home in your own skin, with permission to be yourself, nothing more, nothing less.

You’ll feel confident, centred and focused – at last you’ll know what you want and where you’re going. The Colour Profile provides the tools to help you design your life.

With Colour PsychoDynamics Profiling you can apply it to home, wardrobe or branding – as well as using it to overcome blocks in life, money and love.

This is pure and simple Colour Profiling magic.

More About Colour PsychoDynamics Profiling:

In this ever-changing, fast paced world, the need for reconnection and remembering our true Self is becoming paramount for our overall well-being.

The Colour PsychoDynamics methodology is about a way of living and being.

A way of feeling fulfilled and content with who you are, and that who you are is enough.

We come into this world with all the tools and strengths that we need, nothing more, nothing less, there is never a part of us that was not born to be used.

Colour PsychoDynamics has been created and developed over 30 years by Colour Specialist and Global Colour Ambassador, Mark Wentworth. It offers a system of guidance through the language of colour, colour being considered and described as a sign-language of the Soul.

Individual sessions, be it discovering your Colour PsychoDynamics Profile or a ColourVision session, aim to align and reconnect you with your Core Essence. Mark will teach you how to use the power of colour in your everyday life, the simplest and the smallest colour change, however big or small, can bring about profound life changes.

When you own who you are, you have no other choice but to be on purpose and live the life you love naturally in full glorious colour.

Mark Wentworth has been working and studying with the transformational power of colour for more than 30 years.


  1. Janette Barber

    Mark Wentworth is amazing. I met him completely by chance and had no idea of the power or value of colour in my life.

    He even tapped into my ancestry bringing me information and peace in an area of my life that had been a mystery to me. Your Colour Profile is sort of like trail markings for life… Giving guidance on which path to choose along the way.

  2. L. Gamble

    Mark’s private sessions have been instrumental in helping me through a very challenging health scenario with a very positive outcome. His expertise and guidance is second to none and the sessions are so relaxed and interesting.

    I can’t recommend him highly enough.

  3. N. Blythe

    This was just incredible, no one has ever understood me or seen me as clearly as you have in this session, the colour exercises you taught me are already under way.

    Thank you so much

  4. Brené Brown

    You either walk inside your story and own it, Or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.

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