​​Journey of Ageing and The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel on Ageing Creatively: Ageing is an inescapable part of life. But HOW we age is up to us.

This one-of-a-kind workshop has been designed for elderly people. Our aim is to help participants find a more fulfilling and mindful way of living through reducing stress and finding joyful contented ways to live our later years.

We aim to help participants reduce stress, reduce the risk of mental illness and help participants find a more fulfilling and mindful way of living.

We are all part of the ever-turning circle of life. We see this all around us, as new souls are born into the world while simultaneously, we bid farewell to souls whose time has come to leave Planet Earth.

Nothing is promised to last forever, including our youth. As we enter into the latter part of our human life on earth, our body-vehicle begins to naturally deteriorate and we start to slow down in our lives. Our days are no longer intense and busy, we now are given the opportunity to use this time to reflect on our days past and days ahead.

This natural time of reflection can be used to look toward a return to the unmanifest realm of spirit. We are born from spirit into the manifest realm of Planet Earth for the duration of a lifetime and at the end we leave this realm and return to the unmanifest world of spirit.

What you will learn from this workshop:

In this workshop Leo will teach the Medicine Wheel of the four Directions and many other wheels which show the progression of life through the stages of childhood, growth, development, change, maturity leading to elderhood.

He will contrast the teachings of our ancient ancestors with the present day and focus on some important aspects that have been largely lost – to our detriment. This will bring to light a new way of using your later years to create a life enhancing mindset.

In September I will reach 87 years so I feel I am teaching from life experience and not from theory or projection! I hope these teachings from our ancestors will resonate and help open up many possibilities for fruitful development in these later years of life.

In ancient cultures, elders were revered for their wisdom and were guides for younger generations.

Benefits of attending this workshop:

  • A deeper understanding of the challenges of ageing and the natural inevitability of leaving Planet Earth.
  • To transform one’s relationship with anxiety about releasing from their body and releasing any fear of death.

Methods used to conduct this workshop:

  • Lecture
  • Interactive exercises
  • Shamanic/hypnotherapy journeys to the inner worlds
  • Sharing
  • Reflections
  • Questions
  • Discussion
  • Diagrams of Medicine Wheels

Sessions break down:

Session 1:

Ageing is an inescapable part of life. But HOW we age is up to us. This course is about creative ageing, keeping our purpose alive, and our spirit connection.

Here is a different way of looking at the stages of life:

Birth to 27 years, our Spiritual Childhood. By 27 we have, hopefully, accumulated enough life-knowledge, through challenges, failures, and successes, to make the transition to the next phase of our life.

30-54 our Spiritual Adolescence. We begin to take serious responsibility for our Self and make our way in the world. In the process we (hopefully) accumulate enough knowledge and sound wisdom to take us to the next phase of our life.

57-81 our Spiritual Maturity. This is the time of our greatest offering to the world, our highest active contribution to the collective. When we mature into a balanced and integrated Hu-Man (Divine Mortal). That is a necessary step to move into the final phase of our life.

84 until our passing into a new realm– we become the Wise Elder. As we naturally begin to retreat from outer life to inner, we have accumulated a lifetime of experience to enable us to be a guide and helper to the younger generations.

Session 2

Everything that is born will also die. Death should not be feared as it brings new life. We will examine emotions of leaving Planet Earth in two forms of deep meditation.

We must ask ourselves if we are willing to spiritually prepare for our passing or live in fear of this natural process of life. We will examine the origin of the fear of death that lives within our culture. Through learning about the Second Council of Nicaea that took place in AD 552 we will uncover why we perhaps may feel fearful of letting go of our life on Planet Earth.

Session 3

We are the children of Mother Earth and Father Sky. This session we will take a deep look into who and what we really are. We will discover what this life experience is really about, what will be taking our attention in our final moments, and what is actually important to us from that perspective.

Session 4

Session 4 we will dive into The Seven Laws of intention/ attraction/ gratitude. We will look at our journey through life so far. We will find ways to accept and release our successes & failures, joys & hurts, wise & foolish actions, loving & hating emotions, ego driven and unconditionally loving moments.

Session 5

Learn in this session what it means to be an elder. Your life is no longer about you, it is about who you serve, and what you give. Your life is about what spirit wants from you, what deep intuition, imagination, inspiration, knowledge, wisdom you can channel to assist others. This is the unfoldment of the collective of humanity.

Session 6

In the final session we will discuss the right of Passage into Elderhood. This is a ceremony to call yourself towards Elderhood, to set in motion an inner movement towards becoming the person you seek to be. At the time of your passing that inner authentic self is who travels onward.

When this workshop is held online, sessions will be recorded so if you miss one, you can still tune in and participate in our own time.

The collective dream of all humans is shaking and shuddering at the present time. We need a new dream, a sustainable dream created in mutual exchange of truth and trust that is in tune with our planet’s dream. We need Elders with a lifetime of accumulated wisdom to guide us into a new creative, trustworthy, integrated, wise and joyful way of being. Remember growing old is a privilege denied to many. Use your wisdom to pass on a new way of life for younger generations.

About Instructor

Leo Rutherford, MA Holistic Psychology, once an engineer & business managing director, now shamanic practitioner for 35 years. His work ranges from medicine wheel maps of the Universe to sweatlodge, trance dance, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, ceremony, applications of altered states and energy work.

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