Retreat of Authentic Self: Embrace Your Potential

Engage in powerful sessions involving Colour Psychology, Drama, Cacao Ceremony, Ancestral Lineage Healing, Integration with your Inner Child, Somatic Body Work, and Shamanic Journeys.

Join us for an exclusive 3-day, 2-night retreat, 'Retreat of Authentic Self: Embrace Your Potential", open to a limited number of participants in a serene venue that accommodates the retreat attendees.

Embark on an in-depth voyage of self-discovery under the guidance of respected facilitators, Z. Banu Gurun and Mark Wentworth.  Harnessing the power of archetypal color psychology, drama, dreamwork, and Shamanism, you’ll probe the depths of your true essence, unearthing your latent resources and inner strengths.

This retreat transcends the notion of merely identifying who you are. It’s a quest towards acceptance, towards illuminating your authentic self. So, join us on this remarkable journey, awaken your inner hero, and light up the path towards embodying your true self.

In our rapidly evolving world, the need to reconnect with and rediscover our inherent potential is growing. Conventional narratives suggest that we can be anything we want. But perhaps the more pertinent question we should ask ourselves is, “Am I evolving into the person I was born to be?”

Picture a life where your only requirement is to be authentically yourself – enticing, isn’t it? Regrettably, societal norms often pressure us to conform, overshadowing our unique light.

This retreat is a dedication to the authentic “you,” the person you were born to be. Banu Gurun and Mark Wentworth weave a sacred tapestry of techniques designed to help you reconnect with your true self. They will guide you in reviving this soulful ancient relationship, acting as interpreters for your authentic self, as it communicates in its symbolic language, guiding you towards the buried treasures of your inner resources and hidden strengths.

Equipped with newfound internal resources and strengths, you’ll return to everyday life ready to navigate its ebbs and flows. Additionally, you’ll have a color-coded blueprint of the person you were born to be, a reminder of your future self, the one who’s walked your story and leaves clues along the path, assuring you that everything will turn out okay.

Our retreat starts at noon on Friday, accommodating travel from Istanbul and check-in time. The journey concludes on Sunday, no later than 4 PM.

Registration Options

We, as Multiverse Academy, are based in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the pricing on our website is in GBP. You can choose the relevant discount coupon option for both accommodation and non-accommodation participation.

1)Non-accommodation option: Online payment with discount code MLTVRS210GB is £450 (approximately 15,500 TL). You can enjoy all facilities excluding accommodation for 3 days, located in Istanbul Beykoz.

2)Accommodation (double room): Online payment with discount code MLTVRS300GB is £510 (approximately 17,500 TL). You can stay in the retreat hotel for 2 nights.

3)Accommodation (single room):Online payment with discount code MLTVRS210GB is £580 (approximately 20,000 TL). You can stay in a single room.

Feel free to use the option that suits you best.


Retreat Program

Day 1 – 12:00 PM

Introductions and meeting

Session 1: Mark – Colour Codes – A Blueprint for Being Fully Alive

Unleashing Your True Colors: The Blueprint to Vibrant Living

We were all born to be somebody, an important somebody who can, by being fully alive, in their own way change the world. It’s not just in a few, it’s within us all. In this session, we will work to reveal and translate your color-coded blueprint. Through expressive arts, we will bring the colors to life and meet them in their archetypal form to begin the learning and reconnective process of becoming an important somebody.   


Session 2: Banu – Healing Our Ancestral Lineage

Legacy of Healing: Transforming Ancestral Narratives

We are made up in part of the stories of all those who have gone before us. It is often their unfinished business of grief, loss, and unlived lives that live on through the generations. It is this that can sometimes block and hinder our becoming. You will be guided through healing rituals to liberate yourself from these past stories and invited to meet and connect with the wise and loving ancestors. These are the ones who will help you break the chains of repeating patterns and guide you on your rightful path to becoming your true self.   

Sharing and Integration


Day 2

Session 1: Banu – Integration with Your Inner Child: Healing Past Traumas and Regaining Power and Peace

From Wounds to Wonder: Reconnecting with Your Inner Child

(magical child, vulnerable ones, guilty ones, etc.) The child in us carries many thoughts and feelings of all our past experiences that we do or do not remember.  Unless these experiences are healed, when we experience events that evoke them in our present life, our inner child remembers these experiences and reacts in the same way. Therefore, if our inner children have not been able to complete their normal development due to these traumas and emotional problems, we will live the rest of our lives as “little children in big adult bodies”. Through inner-child healing, we can eliminate the traces of the past and ensure that our energy field is again in power and peace by focusing on the previous periods of our current life and completing the unfinished business that is hidden deep.


Session 2: Mark – Somatic Body Work, Mask and Expressive Arts

Beneath the Mask: Reveal Your Truth Through Somatic Exploration

In order to become and live our authentic self we have to give voice to all the many parts of us. Mask work allows us to explore these different selves, the masks we wear can help protect us but equally they restrict us. Using expressive arts and somatic body work we will explore the mask as a physical object and invite the person behind the mask to step forward. In so doing we continue healing the inner child as well as creating space for potential and possibility.


Session 3: Banu –  Create Your Own Atelier, Drawing Your Life, Surprise Shadow Work

Artistry of the Soul: Shadow Work and Self-Discovery

Sharing and Integration


Session 4: Mark – Cacao Ceremony

Sacred Indulgence: Heart Healing through the Cacao Ceremony

To integrate the work of today we will end with a cacao ceremony, cacao is recognised as a sacred medicine and a healer of the heart.  A chance to surrender yourself into the loving embrace of the spirit of cacao, she knows exactly the medicine you need.

Sharing and Integration


Day 3

Session 1: Banu – Shamanic Journey to your heart

Heartbeat of the Soul: Shamanic Exploration of Inner Wisdom

Meeting with your power animal and spiritual guide/ soul-retrieval for the lost parts of your parts and integrating with them / trance dance as your power animal.


Session 2: Mark – Navigating Time: Meeting Your Future Self and Learning from Hindsight

Backward Steps, Forward Vision: Meeting Your Future Self

Imagine how much fun it might be and indeed how helpful it might have been if only we could have known the things we know after a significant event has happened. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  As part of our final day session, you will have the opportunity to experience your life backwards and meet your future self who is only too happy to help and show you the signs and symbols they have already left along the way when you were lost and in case you get lost along the way again. In the process of this bizarre and slightly weird feeling of living life backwards we actually leave both an energetic and neurobiological imprint for future life living.


Session 3: Banu & Mark – Reminders, Final Sharing, and Closing Ceremony

This retreat is designed to cater to participants from various countries and will be conducted in both English and Turkish.


During the retreat, you will be hosted in a charming village very close to Istanbul, surrounded by the serene beauty of nature. Our modernly equipped workshop rooms and wooden bungalows will accompany you on your awakening journey. You can look forward to restful sleep and delicious meals prepared with healthy, natural ingredients.

When you need personal time, you can take a deep breath in the quiet grove or explore the surroundings to rejuvenate your body. The peace and energy provided by nature will rejuvenate both your body and spirit on this journey.

Our rooms are double occupancy, and guests will be sharing rooms unless you are coming as a group or have a retreat partner. If so, please let us know your room-sharing preference. We also provide parking facilities for your convenience, and in the evenings, you can enjoy delightful moments around the campfire.


The food provided will be vegan and vegetarian. Except for the first day, an open buffet village breakfast, unlimited coffee breaks, soup for lunch, and an open buffet dinner with 6 options will be served.


The facility is located in a village in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. You can come with your own vehicle. If there are 10 or more participants, group transportation will be organized from central points in both the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through the following channels:

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