Nature Quest 2022

Sweatlodge, Visionquest, Sit spots, Ceremonies...

 & Phil Greenwood

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Join this event to transform your relationship to nature, experiencing living close to nature without technology, feeling greater strength of self and building a stronger relationship to self.

By coming into closer relationships with nature we come to a closer relationship with ourselves. By questing overnight alone and staying wakeful through the night when most people and animals are sleeping, we can enter a different way of sensing the natural world.

Event Programme
11 August 2022
Dinner and evening meeting and settling the scene.
12 August 2022
Exploring the venue, the woods, lakes, pasture, training games to help us know each other and to build measure of trust. Seaching for your place for the vigil.
13 August 2022
Learning about fire and fire lighting the old way pre-matches and lighters, inner work to prepare for the night vigil. Preparing for the vigil, building an archway together. Ceremony to start the night vigil.
14 August 2022
Ceremonial welcome back, rest time, meeting in circle to share our experiences and learn from each other's experiences, sharing of Tarot and Medicine Cards that we, at base camp, pulled for each participant.
15 August 2022
Further sharing, extrapolation of guidance for the future from the experience. Completion ceremony and final circle.

Who might attend the course?

Main consideration is a desire to learn and experience greater connection with nature and a willingness to move past the everyday comfort zone and to test the self.

We live on the land and we live off the land. However concreted over it may be, we still live on the land of Planet Earth. And however well wrapped in plastic and sanitised it may be, all our food comes from our Mother Earth. The materials for our shelter too, even our very own body-vehicle. In modern life many of us have lost much of our sense of connection to the earth and have forgotten about gratitude for all she gives us. This quest is about regaining our connection to self, to other and to the natural world.

The Earthmother was once admired and worshipped but we have become distanced from her and from natural forces. Hence we have largely lost the emotional and psychological wisdom and healing that our Earth offers us. And we have forgotten about giving gratitiude for this life.

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual path on planet earth and has existed for hundreds of thousands of years all over the world. It is an ancient way to knowledge, to an awareness of the subtle energy that underlies existence, to a vastly increased level of understanding of how life really works. The term is used to describe the practices of indigenous people from all over the world who were and are the healers within their community i.e. the Medicine People, Marakames, Kahunas, Shamans. For them, there is no separation between daily life and spirit, they know that all things are connected and that disconnection brings dis-ease.

Our ancient roots are shamanism wherever we live and whatever sort of culture we have grown up in. Look far enough back in time and you find that it is our spiritual heritage.

Although our modern times seem very far removed from the experience of indigenous people, the needs of the human soul are still the same in its desire for connection – for Connection, Love, Community and Creativity.

We are now in such need for personal and planetary healing that we find more and more people are coming back to the path of shamanism, rediscovering their roots and their way back home. Shamanic practices and Shamanic healing enable you to have powers over your own life and to help others. In addition to this, shamanic ways show you how to connect with all of Creation.

Residence is camping – we ask everyone to bring a tent. Meals are all included.

Leo talks about his workshop
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30 in stock

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