Cacao Ceremony ~ Luminous Heart Temple

During the Cacao Ceremony with the Meditations via the Heart we connect with all those qualities for guidance, transformation and support.

Cacao is a medicine, which has been used for centuries, originally used by the Mayan People with the intention of opening the heart, healing and celebrating life. Cacao Medicine assists us in invoking high quality emotions, love, feelings of connection to ourselves and others, our purpose, our life and therefore it helps us to be grateful. It is a Sacred Teacher and a Master Plant.

Let’s gather together in ceremony, celebration, prayer, connection, beauty to enquire about the best possibilities for our personal lives and life as a whole.

Cacao is such an incredible master teacher. It opens our hearts and assists us in accessing wisdom from the most loving places. It has been said in Mayan tales that Cacao is the drink of Gods and they gave it to people, so they can remember love and what to be grateful for.

Working with this plant offers an energetic uplift, which can be experienced even after the ceremony.

We will bathe in beautiful healing sounds, dance, work with Dimensions, Aura Sprays, vibrational remedies, oils, oracle cards. We will meditate, transform and nourish.

Cacao Ceremony is a magical opportunity to spend time in the quietness of our hearts watching with loving eyes and listening with loving ears to our souls whispers.

Supported by the loving energy of the Cacao Spirit we are able to travel and gather gifts, which we can use as helpful tools in our lives. This meditation experience is held in the form of a ceremonial gathering.

Cacao is a sacred plant medicine which opens our heart and our senses to help us to connect to our life from this powerful and pure and all knowing center. Cacao is a loving guide and has been used for centuries in ceremonies as a sacred drink to send gratitude, for meditation, to connect with our families, ancestors, gods and goddesses, ourselves and the whole of life.

It helps us to whisper to our soul ~ ” Your love is safe with me “.

Cacao Ceremonies are transformative and empowering, healing and nurturing to the mind, body and soul.

During Cacao Ceremony we will be in :

  • Heart Centered meditation involving drinking Ceremonial Grade Cacao,
  • Sound Healing
  • Sound Bath Meditation
  • Guided Meditation
  • Dance Meditation
  • Quiet Contemplation
  • Shamanic Drum Journey
  • Journaling
  • Working with Oracle Cards
  • Working with Essential Oils
  • Working with Dimensions Aura Sprays
  • Using Vibrational Remedies.
  • Theta Healing


We will create a sacred circle with other beautiful people and spend the afternoon expanding through the heart and beauty.

We will spend time in a transformative meditation space held by the beauty of plants, aromas, highly vibrational healing sounds, and crystals. Through visualisation, contemplation, meditation, drum journey, dance we will deeply connect with our true essence and remember how to thrive.

Cacao is the medicine that opens the heart, assisting us in remembering our love and the universal love. It promotes insights, expansion, feelings of gratitude and profound guidance.

The heart is the master of masters. Working holistically with our mind, body, spirit, connecting to our soul’s essence and wisdom, ancestral realm, and teachings of plants we will be nourished, renewed and inspired. We will be in communion with the sacred.

Please be most welcome to this beautiful retreat in the house of love.

Ceremony is the Altar Of Healing 🙏

The knowing from the heart governs over all the other knowing.

Listen to your heart. You will be glad you did.

Do you have a question?

Please send us a message to [email protected] if you have any questions.

We hope you enjoy your ceremony.


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