Dynamic Theatre – The drama of life and business

With Dynamic Theatre, bring your business and ideas, and let’s bring them to life and give them a coherent creative shape, voice, and action.

How do you imagine your business or your creative projects might look if they were acted out and brought to life through a similar form of spontaneous drama? Who would the main characters be?

Why not come and find out, come bring your business and ideas, and let’s bring them to life and give them a coherent creative shape, a voice, and an action through dynamic theater.

In doing so it helps bring resolution and understanding to problems and gives you the opportunity to explore and play with ways of developing your business further.

If you’ve ever watched children play, you’ll know how creative and imaginative they can be, the spontaneous action, the joy, the laughter, all are tangible, there’s a feeling of magic in the air. A simple chair and table can suddenly be transformed into a spaceship or a magical castle, and no amount of rationale will change that reality until it’s finished. In that moment everything and anyone is possible.

You choose a story or moment from your business life in which you wish to gain insight into. You then choose other participants to act out the different roles relating to your story. Literally, anything and everyone can be brought to life and “played out”.

Watching the character of “Money” walk away from a new project helped a business owner relook at the project and tweak it to one that was more in alignment with her core heart focused message.

Taking notes and watching the drama of their new products, enabled a leading international cosmetics brand to know which products needed to be launched first, and importantly, how. For, as well as putting themselves in their right order, the product characters were able to give valuable information on colours to be used and key wording to be used for marketing.

No special talent is required, just the willingness to want to be happy and fall in love with your own life and business, as well as the desire to have fun, imagine, play, and see your world through a different lens.

In sharing, we find we do not stand alone, but are deeply supported, not just by other people, but also by life itself. Come prepared to learn, laugh, and transform!

Aerodynamically, the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway

Global Colour Ambassador Mark Wentworth has been studying and working with colour for over 30 years. He is the creator of the Colour PsychoDynamics methodology and Co-creator of Dynamic Theatre, both integrating the archetypal and visionary worlds of C.G. Jung. Mark is based in the UK as well as working across eleven countries worldwide.


  1. Rita

    Unbelievable changes occurred in my life, in such a fast way I didn’t even think that it was possible to happen. Dynamic Theatre is an intense and full way of being in life! It is to Wake up and live our own and unique story!

  2. Tina

    Dynamic Theatre is like a really gripping book – you open a page or read a chapter and get really interested and just can’t stop reading on; you can’t believe the book will get better and better or any more exciting but it does and you just can’t put it down and want to write more chapters for everybody to share. There are no words, Dynamic Theatre has to be experienced, even though you can’t wait to tell your friends and colleagues how good it is.

  3. Catherine Barnard

    Mark Wentworth has an innovative and creative approach to personal development. He has found a way to use different techniques to get quickly to the root cause of what might be getting in the way and can unearth a new perspective on different situations. For me this has been transformational, rather than transactional, and not just another model. I continue to use what I have learnt and can highly recommend his work.

  4. Hülya Erbeyli

    I have had an opportunity to work with Mark on a few occasions; at personal level, with my team and company, also with my clients. He is a very gentle man, yet very encouraging you to go beyond your defined limits. We did a vision workshop together and it was very inspiring for all of us as he took us from our rational mind to more creative mind. His colour and drama work is really amazing and can be energizing for all the team. I can strongly recommend him to companies who want to challenge their limits, create new ideas and vision, to look at problems from different angles…

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