Intro to the Shamans Path for Today

1 day Workshop for Shamans Path beginners: Living Shamanically in an upside down world.

In today’s disturbed world we need all the help we can get to maintain a sense of balance and harmony and to find a good healthy way to navigate through the challenges and difficulties put in our path.

The workshop is a live group session between like minded individuals that are looking to live Shamanically, following the Shamans Path. If you want to find balance in life, heal, learn more about your connection to the universe and form a more spiritual connection with yourself and the universe then this workshop is for you.

Topics covered in this workshop:

The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is a series of interlocking maps of life and shows us the forces that operate on us from all directions. The wheels are circles of power and knowledge, ways of understanding life and its cyclical and circular nature.

When we go somewhere new, the first thing we usually do is check a map to help in plotting our course. It is a map of the Universe.

But have you ever had a map of life?

This is how the Medicine Wheel was discovered. It is a map of life which has been an extraordinary blessing for so many people. You can put any life issue onto the Medicine Wheel and once you find it’s correct ‘sitting place’, the wheel will show you what energies are working and what they are doing – and therefore what to address in order to change and heal the issue.

‘Medicine’ means vital force, it is anything which brings personal power, power over our self, the ability to respond to and to consciously co-create our life.

The Medicine Wheel is not a belief system, it is a guide to steer a good heart-full path through life’s many challenges and vicissitudes.

What The Medicine Wheel Teaches us:

Our ancient ancestors saw the world in terms of circles and cycles and so it was natural that they should teach life in this manner.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Our connection to all things.
  • It will show our way to the centre.
  • How to lead a balanced life.
  • Guide our way home to ourselves.

The Cross of the Four Directions:

The cross of the Four Directions shows us the four elements, the four Kingdoms, the four parts of ourselves, the four times and how our reality is constructed and the relationships of the forces that move us.

What You Will Learn about the Cross of the Four Directions:

The Red Road teaches us about knowledge versus belief (North) and about memory, the past and our emotional body (South) and the crucial relationship between them.

The Blue Road shows us the road to spiritual connection through the body by either stilling the body in meditation, ‘dreaming’ or working the body through such avenues as dance, vigorous athletics, martial arts, sexual activity – to achieve deep inner stillness.

The shamans view of our reality is similar to the understanding developed via Quantum physics, that it is vibration, frequency, energy that is moving so quickly that matter appears to us as solid or liquid. Our body-vehicles vibrate within the same frequencies so while we are in our bodies, we experience a real, solid reality around us.

The Meaning of Shaman

The word Shaman or saman, meaning ‘One who knows’, comes from the Tungus language of Siberia and has been applied by anthropologists to healers, medicine people, curers, spiritual guides of ancient cultures all over the world.

The root sound – ‘sa’ can be found in French – saviour – and the German – sabere.

Workshop Program

Session 1
Introduction to the shaman's view of the world and the Medicine Wheel. The four Directions, their powers and meaning, the cross which is important is many spiritual systems. . The non-cardinal points of power and the challenge we have to develop them in ourselves.
Session 2
The Twenty Count medicine wheel, also known as the Childrens' Count as it was used to teach children how to count. It is a magical medicine wheel in which all the numbers can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided and teach about life. The Big Map of the energies of this world.
Session 3
The Red Road, the south – North axis, Water and Air, emotions and mind. The Road of everyday life. The Blue Road, Earth and Fire, the Road that leads us to spirit and to opening up our senses to multi-dimensional reality.
Session 4
The Star Maiden's Circle medicine wheel. The Circle of Foxes shows us how we can get stuck in our own mud. This is the Medicine Wheel for healing of the past, for what the shamans humourously call “erasing personal history”. This enables creation of a solid foundation for life in the here and now. It is the greatest healing circle for the wounded child and for retrieving soul parts lost in childhood. It shows us the way forward, escape from the cages of our history.
Summary of the Shaman's Path

There will be time for a discussion and questions at the end.

Please message us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

We hope you enjoy the course!


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