Kundalini Reiki Training

Kundalini Reiki is an amazing instrument for alternative healing. Simple, fast, easy, effective, strong, straightforward, trustworthy, understandable, continuous and clear.

Kundalini is an alternative method to perform Reiki. It is an energetic system conceived by Ole Gabrielsen.

While learning this system of Reiki, your electromagnetic fields and energy centres (chakras) will be balanced.

It is an extremely easy, versatile, fast and effective system. It fits perfectly into any type of holistic therapy.

You will get the necessary attunements, you’ll learn the theory and you’ll learn how to attune your future students at all three levels of Kundalini Reiki.

It is also advised for the ones whose Kundalini has awaken in a wrong way in the past, because it heals the Kundalini energy running through the spine.

Kundalini Reiki course is for everyone who wants to;

  • Deepen their knowledge about Kundalini Reiki,
  • Become energetic channels of increasing power,
  • Enrich their curriculum of holistic practices,
  • Embark on a spiritual journey,
  • Learn an effective, quick and extremely powerful energetic method,
  • and everyone who is in search of effective methods of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual auto-healing.

Elif Ezgi Eksioglu is specialised in more than 20 techniques regarding subconscious transformation, consciousness and energy practices.

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We hope you enjoy this workshop.


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