MeditationMassage Session

With MeditationMassage explore a deeper sense of relaxation and revitalisation for your body and mind.

In this MeditationMassage Session you will experience the enjoyable sensorial benefits of conscious breathing, sensory mindfulness and nurturing self massage.

MeditationMassage is a transformative wellbeing experience that promotes physical, mental and emotional health, in an enjoyable, accessible way. Stress and anxiety limits us in a myriad of ways that impact our daily lives and those we live and work with. Most people are so used to living in a stressed state that it’s become the new norm.

As you journey through this meditative flow your nervous system is soothed, creating a sense of physical and emotional wellbeing.

The proven benefits of MeditationMassage:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and tension
  • Relaxing the muscles, the nervous system and breathing
  • Improving mood and the capacity for clear thinking
  • Stimulating the immune system and supporting better sleep
  • Fostering compassion and acceptance for oneself and others
  • Renewing energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Reconnecting us to our creativity to reveal our best potentials



  • You begin the session exploring the body response to stress and how simple self-care techniques within MeditationMassage can help us calm, revitalise and feel good.
  • This is followed by a flow of guided embodied meditations, encouraging conscious breathing, sensory mindfulness and nurturing self massage of the face& scalp and neck and shoulders.
  • You then utilise the power of intention to bring about positive feelings of gratitude, self belief and connection with others.
  • The session finishes with participants sharing any observation or questions that may arise from the experience or techniques learnt. 

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We hope you enjoy your session.


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