The 7 Cups of Consciousness Session

With 7 Cups of Consciousness system get in touch with your energetic mastery. Become deeply connected to your essence.

We invite your higher self, your body deva’s higher self and your teams, to connect with your own healing source, your own healing power, so that you can shift yourself into a more enjoyable, purposeful, soul-aligned life.

7 Cups of Consciousness is both a system for self-healing from whatever you are struggling with, and a way of living. A higher consciousness is available through accessing higher realms through the 7 principles in this system.

With the 7 Cups of Consciousness system, we invite you to go through seven gateways- also called seven principles- which your higher self does the work in your own safe and sacred space in a higher dimension.

The 7 principles are all connected to each other, and each one of them will be walked through during our sessions.

By combining these principles, they help you live a life of empowerment and consciousness and we can understand why we experience the things we do and how to shift our energy, habits, patterns, and belief systems so we can live a more enjoyable, holistically well and soul-aligned life.

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With 7 Cups of Consciousness system get in touch with your energetic mastery. Become deeply...
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