The Sacred Feminine

Goddess Within
In this ever-changing world, it has become imperative for individuals to hold on to the divine belief of themselves- a power of truth and self-belief within each of us.

Every individual carries Yin & Yang- Yin refers to the feminine energy, while Yang refers to the masculine energy. It is crucial to maintain a balance between these two energies to thrive.

Sacred Feminine Energy- What does it mean?

‘Feminine energy’ often refers to our nurturing and receptive energies that focus on growth, innovation, compassion, communication, and intuition. Today, for women, cultivating and reclaiming their feminine energy means realizing one’s knowledge and personality. It also means standing one’s ground and understanding their true strengths. This not only makes them real, but it also helps them to enjoy their work and life immensely and lead happier and healthier lives.

Energy is gender fluid- meaning- men can cultivate the sacred female energy, and women can cultivate the sacred masculine energy. To achieve progress and harmony, it remains vital for individuals to maintain a balance.

How can one lead a fuller and happier life?

To lead a life wherein you are more aware of your emotions, feelings, needs, and wants, it is important that you spend adequate and non-negotiable time on yourself. This time can be in the morning when you listen to your thoughts and are aware of nature’s actions around you- a bird fluttering nearby, the rustle of the leaves, birds chirping at a distance, and so on.

Here are a few things that can help you lead a fuller life:

Connecting with your Goddess Within

As individuals, we sometimes disregard our intuition in the name of a ‘crazy feeling’ or ‘something silly’. Our intuition, or the gut, sends us warning signals when we try to take up something new or risky. Many such instances may be while making a decision to work, changing cities/countries, marrying somebody, or doing something new. Instead of trusting ourselves, we trust others and allow them to make decisions for us.

Trusting oneself takes continuous effort. One way to understand and connect with one aspect of the sacred feminine, is start by connecting with your intuition. Listen to your thoughts and the nature around you. Spend 15 minutes every morning and focus on something utterly simple- it could be a flower, a leaf, a feather- anything that brings you peace. For others connecting to the sacred feminine can be done by reading and crafts, others may prefer cooking or spending time taking care of their beauty needs. All have potential of connecting us to the sacred feminine, find the way that speaks to you.

Spend time understanding your thoughts and emotions

Emotions are often called a woman’s Achilles Heel. Be it at home or at work, women are often blamed for being emotional and sensitive. As a response, women have often curbed their emotions and let their sensitivities stay buried.

Instead of treating emotions and feelings as a bane, they can become one’s strength. Allow your mind to wander and understand the root of the emotion disturbing you. Think of the whys and hows of it. Explore your past and find out why you’ve been feeling the way you’ve been feeling.

While logic must remain important while making decisions, it is also essential to not brush your emotions as something silly and unworthy of thought. Your sensitivity makes you intuitive, helps you build better relationships with people around you, and also makes you a better communicator.

Inspire and Be Inspired

As a woman, practice helping other women. When you help another woman be better, you harness the nurturing energies and often become kinder and more perceptive during the process. You foster the feeling of abundance and growth- you think there is enough- for you and others to have a happy, fulfilled life. In the process of enriching someone else’s life, you enrich your own too.

Taking the thought forward of enriching lives around us, we are initiating a small batch wherein we, through our mentor, will help others get engaged with their inner Goddess and ultimately the sacred feminine.

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