Meditation Massage Training

With Meditation Massage Training learn a truly transformative wellbeing technique for your-self and others which deeply relax and revitalise body and soul.

This comprehensive & concise 3 hour Meditation Massage Training introduces you to an exciting evolution in wellness.

In this course Deborah O’Shea will guide you how to give a transformative wellbeing experience to your friends, family and clients and you will also recieve the revitalising benefits for yourself.

Suitable for all masseurs and those interested in meditative practices and wellbeing,

​Presented in an enjoyable video format, so you can take the course at your own pace.

With Meditation Massage Training you will learn how to:

  • ​Enter a meditative flow state to become fully present, holding a space of nurturing connection for your clients
  • Perform massage techniques designed to soothe the nervous system, ease muscle tension and improve circulation
  • Guide a series of meditations, such as sensory awareness, conscious breathing and creative visualisation, while performing a simultaneous restorative massage sequence
  • Give massage to harmonise the body’s physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Nurture yourself with self-massage meditation which supports your learning and nourishes your mind & body

You will receive:

  • Support with answers to questions that may arise during your learning
  • A complimentary zoom session on completion of the Online Training
  • An invite to progress to the Professional Qualification in Meditation Massage

Course content:

  1. Introduction: Introduction to your trainer Deborah, the course structure and learning content.
  2. Treatment Overview: Outlines treatment concept and learning modules.
  3. Massage Principles: Teaches the massage techniques used in Meditation Massage to aid release of physical and emotional tension.
  4. Meditation Principles: Teaches how to guide embodied meditations to calm and focus a busy mind.
  5. Aromatherapy: Explores the aromatic benefits of Deep Awake Oil.
  6. Sensory Awareness: A demonstration and explanation of how to combine sensory meditation with a message on the feet, legs. arms and hands. There is also a guided self-Meditation Massage to help you nourish your own body and mind.
  7. Conscious Breathing: Teaches how to guide breath meditation whilst simultaneously massaging the back of the body, This section ends with a breath self-Meditation Massage to nurture your wellbeing, and help you connect somatically with Meditation Massage.
  8. Chakras: A demonstration and explanation of how to combine sensory meditation with a message on the feet. Legs. arms and hands. There is also a guided self-Meditation Massage to help you nourish your own body and mind.
  9. Intention and Deep Peace: Practice a self-Meditation Massage to help you cultivate self-love and acceptance. Learn how to guide a visualisation meditation to create positive thoughts and feelings, while massaging the head and shoulders.
  10. Consultation and Preparation: Teaches how to create a comfortable and conducive environment for Meditation Massage, including how to start and finish the treatment, take a consultation, and the aftercare advice to offer. Learn a therapist preparation ritual to help you prepare to give a Meditation Massage and focus on compassion.
  11. Support: Find out about how you can qualify as a ‘Professional Meditation Massage Therapist
  12. Full Meditation Massage: The complete treatment for your learning reference.
  13. Self-Meditation Massage: Practice a combination of all the self-Meditation Massage techniques you’ve learnt during the course.
  14. Deep Awake Bath Meditation: Enjoy this Bath Meditation to assist your learning and deeply relax at the same time!
  15. Therapist Preparation Ritual: Practising this compassion meditation is the perfect way to prepare yourself before giving a Meditation Massage.
Deep Awake Botanical Oil contains pure essential oils and plant extracts selected to nurture the...


  1. Terry

    Firstly…….wow! I totally loved the way you did everything; the way you set the tone, the pace, the structure of the course, your clear delivery, how you heard our questions and concerns and celebrated our creativity, your shining example of genuine love and humility, how you kept us all on track in such kindness, how you shared your passion with us, the way you balanced encouraging us to make it our own with not letting us miss the very special and particular thing that you have developed.

  2. Christine

    The way you shared the wonderful gift of meditation massage was so beautiful, so heart-based and full of integrity. Debbie, you have a unique gift. You were so clear and articulate in your style of teaching, so supportive and encouraging, loving and deeply present. I can’t thank you enough. And it was a huge privilege to be part of your pioneering first group – what a lovely bunch of such gentle and beautiful souls.

  3. Daisy

    The Intro to Meditation Massage Course was one of the most insightful and nourishing experiences for me, it has helped me feel confident and excited in guiding a meditation massage session, and the Self Meditation Massage has helped me to feel more at peace with body and inner world – as I really feel that watching the video and giving myself massage has enhanced my connection to myself much more!

    I absolutely love how Debbie has included so much detail and information, and I found her to be so nurturing, patient and thorough in her teaching this incredible treatment. I really love the online format with the videos as I feel it makes it accessible for anybody, and the style of the videos feels very light and positive. Even though there is lots of information on the different aspects of the treatment, it doesn’t feel overwhelming at all because the videos are short and really well explained. I am so happy with the course and I really feel that as many people as possible need to try it, not only for providing a healing space for others with Meditation Massage, but for ourselves on our own healing journey – It is really an awakening of the senses and to a deeper place within ourselves.

    I would recommend it to anyone who wants to explore a much deeper experience than a standard massage, and to receive the divine gift that this treatment really is. Thank you so much Debbie for being the perfect channel for this!

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Deborah talks about her course

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