MeditationMassage Class

MeditationMassage is an informative and experiential class that teaches techniques that can be continually drawn upon in times of stress or when a simple recharge is needed

MeditationMassage sessions can be in-person, at your premises or on a spa away day in Somerset, or they can be online. In small intimate groups with camera on, or larger groups where participants can choose to have camera on or off.

Deborah brings her approachable and compassionate touch to the sessions. Employees feel nurtured and learn some useful self-care tools to help with daily work/life stress.

Deborah offers 30 years experience working therapeutically with a range of clients from international spas and skincare brands as well as individuals who simply want to be at their best.

MeditationMassage sessions create feelings of calm in the body and mind. Employees are guided to participate in balancing their nervous system to relax and revitalise as well as learn self-care skills to manage work and daily life stress. From this optimal state of ‘relaxed aliveness’ they will receive the additional benefits of improved resilience, communication and performance

In a MeditationMassage class, participants are guided to experience and learn for personal implementation, the fundamental self-care skills found within the ancient wellness practices of both meditation and massage.

MeditationMassage benefits include:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and tension
  • Relaxing the muscles, the nervous system and breathing
  • Improving mood and the capacity for clear thinking
  • Stimulating the immune system and supporting better sleep
  • Fostering compassion and acceptance for oneself and others
  • Renewing energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Reconnecting us to our creativity to reveal our best potentials.

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Please send us a message to [email protected] if you have any questions.

We hope you enjoy your session.

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